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Labour and Social Security Law

Labour and Social Security Law 

One of the two main regulations regulating working life between workers, employers and the state is the Labour Law and the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law. Under these two main legislations, there are perhaps hundreds of sub-legislation (regulations, communiqués, statutes, directives, etc.). For many years, our office has provided the necessary competence in this respect by providing individual special services to the workers and employers who take place mutually in working life. We summarize the services provided by business and social security law as follows;

Preventive and Regulatory Actions 

With the beginning of the worker and employer relationship with an "employment contract" and both the legislation and the decisions of the Supreme Court have to consider the provisions of the employment contract before many issues, it is very important and necessary for both parties to prepare the employment contract in a detailed study in terms of rights and obligations in accordance with the desired purpose. Our office offers solutions specifically for work contracts in many sectors.

Since many different types of regulatory new processes are needed between the parties after the establishment of the business relationship, such as regulation of wages, assignment and transfer, education, health problems, changes in essential conditions, we provide appropriate legal and protective support to all parties in these situations

In addition, emergency legal support and counseling are provided. either to the employers or to the workers as necessary, in such matters as rules and regulations that must be complied with for occupational health and safety at workplaces, compulsory documents and books, transactions to be done in case of occupational accidents or occupational diseases, criminal, administrative and judicial affairs,

Collective Labour Law and Trade Union Activities 

In many countries, collective bargaining agreements are signed between unionized workers and employers through authorized trade unions. For this reason, trade union activities at the workplace, membership of trade unions, determination of the competent union in the workplace and negotiations on collective bargaining constitute one of the important pillars of labour law. our office also provides consulting and dispute resolution services to parties on collective labor law and trade union activities.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation 

In case of termination of the work contract on agreement or for any other reason, work accidents and occupational diseases, labour receivables and indemnities are the subjects. Our office offers alternative solutions to the parties before going to lawsuit, in case the businesss contracts are valid and justified. In addition to this, our office also quickly and effectively carries out the follow-up, settlement, calculation and actuarial services of the cases in the Courts of Labour, District Courts of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Appeals

Social Security Institution and Insurance Operations 

Though not a direct party to the disputes between workers and employers, conflicts sometimes arise with the Social Security Institution (SGK), in which the parties have a permanent legal relationship. In terms of employers, premium payment debts, incentives and administrative penalties are among the most frequently encountered disputes in SGK .

In terms of workers, disputes arise with the institution especially in the insurance transactions such as occupational accidents and occupational diseases, retirement and disability. 

Our office is conducting and finalizing all the applications and cases necessary for the solution of the problems experienced in the SGK to the administrative or judicial side.

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