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Commercial Law

Company and Commercial Enterprise Law 

In the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102, collective, limited partnership and cooperative companies were regulated. However, there are also other partnerships in the Turkish Obligation Law that we often encounter in commercial life, such as joint ventures and consortia, which are generally subject to these provisions.

At the forefront of our core business areas our office specialized in application, representation and consultancy activities in these matters as preparation of the main contract from the establishment procedures of the companies, the determination of the value of immovables (real estates) for the fulfillment of the capital accumulation obligation, follow up the establishment process in trade registry offices,establish companies by foreigners or opening branches of foreign companies in Turkey, finalization of inter-partnership issues by both the court and alternative methods of solution, termination and liquidation of companies' activities and application, representation and consultancy activities. 

In general, in the joint stock companies take an action for annulment of resolution of general assembly due to the fact that they are not in compliance with the conditions of the meeting calling and execution of the meeting. In addition to giving our office the opportunity to open and follow these cases, and also conducts consulting in order to carry out the meetings in accordance with the procedures in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.

In trading companies, such issues disagreements among partners or the separation of partners from the company for other reason, issuance, removal of the company, the acquisition of a new partner to the company.come to the fore. Sometimes it is the division of the company, the type change, the merger with another company or the acquisition of a new company, and the Kula Law Office provides consultancy and advocacy services in all these transactions.


Commercial Enterprise Law and Commercial Transactions 

In the conduct of daily routine activities of companies, prudently, to comply with the legislation and to be able to carry out transactions with minimum risk from the administrative / legal point of view, is undoubtedly the most important responsibility of each trader. This is also necessary for the continuation and growth of the business. In this context, our office provides continuous counseling and advocacy services in order to protect the trade title, prevent unfair competition and to act in accordance with commercial rights and responsibilities, such as shame and denunciations in the trade of goods and services. Protecting the brands, industrial designs, utility models and patent rights of businesses is extremely important. The use of well-known brands and signs in bad faith, counterfeiting and piracy are important problems of today. Our office offers solutions to businesses operating in different regions of the world and with specialized lawyers and law firms, so that all intellectual and industrial rights can be protected both at the national level and at the international level.


Execution and Bankruptcy Law 

Undoubtedly one of the most important problems of businesses is the follow up of receivables and when necessary, according to the operating budget, taking measures as legally and financially to help it. Our office provides fast and constructive solutions for businesses on receivables from current accounts, checks and bills, and negotiable receivables from policies. Our office also provides services on structuring of large-scale receivables of financial institutions, as well as follow-up and operational pledge of mortgages and other pledge receivables.

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