Obligations Law

Law of obligations is a field of private law that examines legal relations between individuals in the form of "debt relationship". Law of obligations, birth, transfer, termination of debt, statute of limitations, assignment of debt, etc. It is a field of law in which legal problems arising from numerous debt relationships are arranged.

We can list the sources of debt as follows; Obligations arising from contracts, Obligations arising from torts, Obligations arising from unjust enrichment. With our 15 years of experience in all these debt relations, we always provide the best legal support for our clients.

The concept of "tort", which is somehow connected with almost all branches of law, is naturally in our lives. The tortious act that we frequently encounter in our daily lives will be overcome with much less damage with professional legal support. If you have suffered a loss, as Kula Law Firm, we can provide you with support as soon as possible by compensating your losses and without any loss of rights. Examples of frequently encountered torts are work accidents, doctor errors, traffic accidents, fraud, injury, unfair competition, theft, etc. 

In order to be able to talk about the unjust enrichment foreseen as the source of the debt; while one party gets richer, the other gets poorer, there is no appropriate causal link between enrichment and impoverishment, and the enrichment should not be based on a legally valid just cause. 

As Kula law firm team, we work closely with our clients at every stage of their commercial activities in their relations arising from all kinds of debts. Our main aim is; To protect the legal interests of our clients, to minimize the risks and to help our clients to maintain a successful business with our contract preparation experience. However, problems may arise in debt relations due to undesirable reasons. In this case, our team provides support to our clients in the protection and recovery of their rights. For more detailed information on the law of obligations, you can read our articles or contact our office.