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Real Estate, Building and Zoning Law

Real Estate, Building and Zoning Law 

Building Law and Zoning Law  and Property Litigation  


Kula Law Office, within the scope of construction law, provides comprehensive legal counsel and lawyer services on real estate sales and preliminary contract for sale,  settlement of problems with other public institutions such as Land registry offices and municipalities, construction contract in return for flat, contracts of companies with subcontractors and procurement companies, build-operate transfer contracts.


Kula Law Office, provides legal support and advocacy services to their clients in the fields as implementation zoning plans, the evaluation of the master development plan as legal, the application of the judiciary for nullity and suspension if necessary, legal problems with the local administrations on the documentation of permission to use the building, the opening of the application and the case against fines and other administrative sanctions

Urban Transformation  

Our Office serves consulting and representation activities on the subject as how to use a number of rights and obligations that the law brings to building owners and users in the process of urban transformation, facilities known to construction and investment companies, the destruction of buildings and the construction of new buildings, responsibilities of public administrations.

Rental Law

The most important thing to pay attention to real estate investors is the execution of the legal relationship regarding the lease contracts. For this reason, within the framework of the so-called lease law, the dispute settlement with the least amount of damage depends on a lease agreement to be prepared by the specialist. Our office is working to provide the best service to the investors in the preparation of lease contracts, shopping centers, business inns and individual rental relationships and it’s problems. 

Kula Law Office provides legal support and lawyer services for the determination and adaptation of the rent value, the tenancy of the tenant, the compensation of the damage to the useful expenses and the immovables and the rent receivables.

Real Estate Sales and Preliminary Contract for Sale,  Building Contract

As Kula Law Firm, as a preventive and protective legal counsel, in a word, we take care that the legal relations are carried out properly and legally at the outset. As a matter of fact, these establishment procedures are at the source of problems related to real estate law.

We as Kula Law Firm, recognize the importance, of conducting our consulting and representation activities in the best way to ensure that our clients are not confronted with major problems and damages in terms of contracts and sales for the purchase and sale of real estate properties or preliminary contract for sale and construction purposes.

Real Estate Disputes Arising From Inheritance 

In addition, lawsuits related to inheritance problems (collusion of testator, cancellation of the testament etc.), which are frequently encountered in everyday life, as well as partition (elimination of partnership) from property and expropriation cases are also carried out by specialized lawyers in our office. 

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