Company Law

According to Turkish law, a company is a commercial enterprise that arises as a result of two or more real or legal persons coming together and combining their labor or goods for a common purpose with a contract. Company law, on the other hand, is a branch of law within the scope of commercial law, which includes norms regarding the establishment, merger, division, transfer, type change, liquidation of commercial companies and examines the legal relations with commercial companies.

As Kula Law Firm, we provide legal consultancy to our clients on Corporate and Foreign Capital Law. We assist our clients in establishing the type of business or company associated with their business plan, investments and activities. Our team prepares and examines documents such as articles of association, resolutions of the board of directors, general assembly documentation, internal bylaws, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, share transfer agreements.

Our law firm also carries out the Establishment of Ordinary Companies, Limited, Joint Stock, Commandite or Collective and Cooperative Companies in line with the Needs and Demands of Domestic and Foreign Clients, Providing Consultancy on the Corporate Operation of the Companies, Share Transfers, Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Venture, related to the fields of activity of the companies. up-to-date follow-up of legislative changes, arrangement of the Employment Contracts of the Company with its Employees in accordance with the Relevant Articles of the Labor Law, Collection of Negotiable Documents, Checks and Promissory Notes through Litigation and Enforcement, trademark registration, opening a bank account, obtaining tax number, investment and incentive consultancy, e- In addition to commercial services, it also provides services in areas such as data protection and privacy consultancy.

Commercial contracts are the source of commercial life all over the world. The healthy progress of business life both in our country and in other countries depends on commercial contracts. It is vital for companies to have the elements of preventing disputes, removing uncertainties and risks with these contracts. There is no doubt that an improperly executed contract will harm the parties. For this reason, you can prevent loss of rights and protect your company by working with our firm, which is expert in corporate law.