How To Organize A Raffle in Turkey?

How To Organize A Raffle in Turkey?

Today, companies attach great importance to their campaigns on social media platforms. They make great investments in this regard. The most common thing we encounter in our daily life is the lotteries made through social media platforms.

When making these sweepstakes or as a rule, the sweepstakes are under the responsibility of the National Lottery Administration. According to the National Lottery Administration's regulation dated 4.10.2006 on lotteries and sweepstakes, there is no obligation to obtain permission for each lottery. According to this regulation, some sweepstakes are not subject to permission. When the current value of the gift to be given after the draw is below 2% of the exemption amount specified in the paragraph e of Article 4 of the Inheritance and Gift Tax Law No. 7338 dated 8/6/1959, this drawing is not subject to permission. This amount is 154.06 TL for the year 2021 and changes every year.

If the bonus to be given is cash, it is always subject to the permission of the National Lottery Administration. Except for exceptions in the regulation, the permission of the National Lottery Administration is required to organize a lottery on the social media platform. Because on these platforms, "direct revenue generating" sweepstakes cannot be organized. If the person or persons organizing the sweepstakes generates income directly from the sweepstakes, it is necessary to obtain permission for such sweepstakes. Should not violate the prohibition of unfair competition and deceptive advertising in the Turkish Commercial Code.

How to Get Lottery Permission?

In cases other than the articles specified in the regulation, the persons or organizations that will organize the lottery must apply to the National Lottery Administration. In such cases, an amount of 10% more than the total current value of the bonuses to be given in the drawing is taken as a guarantee. First of all, it is necessary to apply to the National Lottery Administration, Betting and Games Branch Directorate with the documents prepared. This application can be made in writing or online. These are the drawing permits that need to be prepared completely:

  • Letter of guarantee sample
  • Petition
  • Additional documents to the petition
  • Receipt of fees

After these documents are submitted to the institution, the applications are examined by the administration. Those who meet the relevant conditions are allowed to organize lottery / sweeptakes.

In sweepstakes on social media platforms, you need to determine a few items for the rules of the sweepstakes, determine what kind of content you will do this with and how you want to announce the winner. All conditions of the lottery must be presented clearly in advance.

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