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Area of Expertise

Personal Data Protection

Personel Data Protection Law (KVKK) No.6698 in Turkey and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe have constituted legal obligations. Kula Law Firm, in this context, has been actively maintaining the KVKK compliance services. We continue our legal services with our administrative and technical team who have provided many national and re


Commercial Law

In the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102, collective, limited partnership and cooperative companies were regulated. However, there are also other partnerships in the Turkish Obligation Law that we often encounter in commercial life, such as joint ventures and consortia, which are generally subject to these provisions...


Real Estate, Building and Zoning Law

Kula Law Office, within the scope of construction law, provides comprehensive legal counsel and lawyer services on real estate sales and preliminary contract for sale, settlement of problems with other public institutions such as Land registry offices and municipalities, construction contract in return for flat, contracts of companies with subcont


Labour and Social Security Law

One of the two main regulations regulating working life between workers, employers and the state is the Labor Law and the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law. Under these two main legislations, there are perhaps hundreds of sub-legislation (regulations, communiqués, statutes, directives, etc.). For many years, our office has provided


Foreigners and Nationality Law

We can generally name the rules which the foreigners who have come to Turkey for many reasons like marriage, work, forced migration and holiday, and which the people of Turkish origin who have been out of Turkish citizenship and been included in the foreign status are subject to as ?the law of foreigners?. Apart from these real persons, our offic


Competition Law

Representation and Defence Services in the Competition Authority Investigations As it is known, among the undertakings operating in a certain goods and services market; Agree-ments, concerted actions and enterprise unity decisions that are intended to violate competition, directly or indirectly, or which result in a potentially violating effect, e


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