Foreign Investment and Citizenship

Turkey is located at the intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa and has a very important geopolitical position. Turkey offers easy access to major markets covering Europe, the Middle East and North Africa region and Central Asia within a 4-hour flight distance. Thanks to its global connections in 122 countries, Turkish Airlines flies to all over the world. It is of great importance for investors with its strong and stable economy as well as its geopolitical position. In addition, with its extensive health system, you can be examined free of charge in state hospitals and benefit from many services such as blood test, MR, x-ray and ultrasound free of charge. For all these and many other reasons, it will be very advantageous for you to invest in Turkey.

There are many investment opportunities to take advantage. You can buy real estate, establish a company, import gold and benefit from high interest opportunities in Turkey. In addition, you can apply for a residence permit and citizenship in Turkey by purchasing real estate. Working with lawyers who are experts in their field will protect you from loss of rights while investing in Turkey or applying for residence permit and citizenship.

As Kula Law Firm, we provide legal support with our 15 years of experience to our clients who want to invest in Turkey, apply for citizenship and residence permit, open a bank account, and apply for a work permit. In addition, we assist our clients, who have been given a deportation decision and an administrative detention decision, in filing the necessary lawsuits to object to these decisions and to stay in Turkey legally. If you wish, you can review our articles or contact us for detailed information on these issues.